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Throughout my years treating I have met so many wonderful patients and I want to thank you, as I learn from each and every one of you every single day...


"I never dreamed that acupuncture could be such and a transformative, life-changing experience. What started as a referral from my reproductive endocrinologist in preparation of an embryo transfer has become a new way of life for me. I credit my sessions with Sharon for helping to get (and stay) pregnant, curing chronic foot pain with which I had been struggling for over 5 years, and providing me with natural relaxation and a sense of overall wellness. Sharon is a true professional and one of the most knowledgeable, caring practitioners around." - S.J.

A friend recommended Sharon and told me her baby wouldn't be here if it weren't for her. Whether that's true or not, it speaks to how important Sharon and acupuncture is to the fertility process. Sharon takes a holistic view of your fertility process and explains how acupuncture fits in and how it works. She is very patient, relaxing and generous with her time. In fact, seeing Sharon every week was the most calm and stress free part of this whole process. I learned a lot about my body and the fertility process because of Sharon. She is there guiding you through the entire development, step by step. In addition to her acupuncture expertise she also recommended some vitamins, iron and tea to help prepare my body for the journey. JR, NY

"I was quite skeptical to begin acupuncture as I was both terrified of needles and hesitant to put my faith in Eastern Medicine, however I was willing to try anything to assist with my fertility struggles and after just a few minutes with Sharon she not only made me feel incredibly comfortable and put my mind at ease but shared incredible stories with me that forced me to believe in the power of this practice. As a business owner it is impossible for me to shut off my brain, in fact it takes me hours to fall asleep at night for this reason, yet during my first session with Sharon I was so relaxed I fell asleep within minutes. I was shocked and elated to have been able to find such calm. I became pregnant successfully just a few months after beginning work with Sharon and can't help but believe that the acupuncture played a part through the combination of stress relief and targeted treatment that resulted from her expertise. I highly recommend that anyone experiencing difficulties with fertility give acupuncture a shot, especially given an opportunity to work with Sharon Wyse." - M. Goldberg

My husband and I had been trying to get pregnant for months, but due to my irregular periods we were unsuccessful. My OBGYN was ready to start a hormonal treatment to boost my reproductive system, but I did not want to undergo such an extreme treatment and I hoped that I could find a holistic, natural therapy to help balance my body. A good friend recommended to go to Sharon, and I have to say it felt right since the moment I stepped into her office. She is not only a great, wise, well informed professional; she is also a caring therapist and would always listen to my rants and fears, and would always have the perfect answer to any question I would have. We started acupuncture treatment and mixed it with Chinese herbs: only 2 months after my first visit, my period was regular (for the first time in my life), and a month after that, I was pregnant!.

I know this pregnancy wouldn't have been possible without Sharon's skills, I cannot recommend her enough!


Sharon is a wonderful acupuncturist. I have been to see her for various ailments including anxiety, pms, chest infections and fertility and she has always been able to help me. Her treatment is pain free and very relaxing. Sharon is extremely knowledgeable in fertility and she is always very helpful and recommends different treatments and sites to look up for more information. I highly recommend her. DianeG

I have always believed in Eastern medicine, but I also believe in finding the right practitioner...having been on the hunt for a good acupuncturist since moving to NY several years ago, I am so glad I found Sharon Wyse. Not only has each session with Sharon been thoroughly relaxing, but any ache, pain or ailment that I have walked in with, I have well and truly walked out leaving behind. I would highly recommend Sharon to anyone who is both experienced and new to this type of treatment.

~Jen T., Astoria NY

'I highly recommend Sharon and her acupucture practice. She helped me with fertility issues which resulted in a healthy pregnancy and baby girl. She is very knowledgable, nurturing, and patient and makes you feel at ease in a situation that is very personal, stressful and emotional. Sharon is also accommodating with answering any questions in person or over email and works with you on scheduling appointments if you have a busy schedule. Overall I cannot say enough good things about her and her wonderful practice.' LB

Sharon’s knowledge of the field of fertility is impressive and thorough. My other doctors were not very involved with our efforts; Sharon was the one who consistently would take the time to talk things through with me. She taught me more about my body than the doctors did. SZ

I have Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome and was skeptical about acupuncture at first. However, within four treatments with Sharon Wyse, my menstrual cycle became more regular. I work in health care so I appreciate that Sharon is fluent in both Western and Eastern medical vocabularies. I’m always impressed at how Sharon’s theories and treatments encompass and treat symptoms that seem unrelated to my primary complaint. Sharon is resourceful and uses various approaches and tools simultaneously to achieve the best result, and she is always willing to research a question or condition to provide the most knowledgeable care. I recommend Sharon to anyone dealing with menstrual (or other!) issues. J.A. Brooklyn NY

Sharon is truly a wonderful healer. The moment you start receiving treatment from her, you will see that she goes out of her way to explain everything she is doing, why she is doing it, how it may help, and what other things you can do outside visits to continue your healing. It is very evident how much respect and concern she has for her patients.

The main reasons for my acupuncture sessions with Sharon have been for shoulder pain and fertility. The shoulder pain progressively got better with her treatment & care. For fertility, Sharon gave me acupuncture and herbs for four months and at age 39 I got pregnant. I continued to go to Sharon during the entire pregnancy for continued

care, which shows how much I trust her knowledge and experience in this area. I was blessed with a very healthy baby and I know that Sharon’s work was part of that. I have recommended and continue to recommend Sharon to anyone and everyone, and she has treated everyone that was referred with equal respect and quality care. L.T

Acupuncture has helped me greatly in terms of improving egg quantity and quality during my ivf cycles. With acupuncture we were able to increase number of eggs retrieved from 5 from the first mini ivf cycle to 11 for the second run of it . There was also a higher percentage of eggs fertilized and made to day 5 blastocysts. We had two transfers from the first cycle but none resulted in a positive pregnancy test. We then started incorporating acupunctures into protocol few months before our second cycle. And with such a slight change I was able to cope so much better with side effects of the medications and more importantly got pregnant from the first transfer of the new cycle. We believe that acupuncture have definitely played an important role in achieving such a positive change in our fertility treatment. SC- NYC

There are many wonderful things I can say about Sharon. I was suffering from a skin condition that was affecting me throughout the day and causing me (and my wife) to lose sleep. I had seen an allergist and a dermatologist and was prescribed various medicines. Nothing worked. I was very skeptical about acupuncture but my wife suggested that I see Sharon. Through Sharon's care the problem was resolved and I received the relief I so desperately needed. Not only did she take care of my skin issues but I had recently completed a marathon and had injured my leg to the point that walking down stairs was difficult. I mentioned it only in passing to Sharon and she immediately tended to the issue. The very next day I felt better. Now, any time that I have a running related injury I call her immediately. Sharon is a very capable and caring practitioner. Her guidance does not stop the second you walk out the door. Indeed, she has often sent me helpful literature relating to my treatments without me asking. I would recommend her to anyone for any issue. S.O

Sharon’s acupuncture as worked wonders for my asthma. As soon as she starts placing the needles I can feel my chest begin to open up. I used to take Singulair every day. Now I only take it when I really need it. I definitely recommend anyone with asthma to give it a try.-New York, NY

If you want to feel a bit of 'Nirvana', I strongly recommend you experience an acupuncture session with Sharon Wyse. I was suffering from carpal tunnel, and was advised by a surgeon that my only recourse was surgery. I chose to try acupuncture first and was referred to Sharon by my physician. What a God send! From the start, my experience was wonderful, as Sharon 'connects' with her patients. My sessions not only relieved the pain, but left me feeling energized and renewed. I recently underwent two surgeries, and did not hesitate to see Sharon for relief from the discomfort while recovering.Sharon is truly concerned, caring and very much in tune with her patients. It goes without saying that I have and always will continue to recommend Sharon to my family and friends. Sue, New York

I struggled with pain in my shoulder and arm for years. I had gone to no less than 5 western practitioners who diagnosed me with various issues and were indifferently suggesting surgery. Immediately after my first treatment with Sharon Wyse I started to feel better. She had not only worked on my arm when I started seeing her but approached my ailment in a holistic manor paying attention to my asthma and tendency to hunch over – creating strain on my neck and shoulder muscles. No one else had ever connected them to my ailing shoulder but it made perfect sense. Not only did it help my arm and relieve me of that pain, but I found myself craving treatments in general. I have been seeing her ever since for any ailments that come up or even if I just feel unbalanced. Her treatments are like a day at the spa for me. I always leave Sharon’s treatments feeling so good and relaxed.

32y/o New York, NY

I started seeing Sharon back in 2003 for a chronic digestive problem (IBS) I had suffered with for about 2 years. I had tried everything and was even told by a medical doctor that it was "all in my head" and that I should "try to relax" Within 2 treatments I had seen a huge difference in my bowel pattern and bowel consistency; within 2 months of acupuncture treatments and herbs I was back to "normal" I didn't even realize how bad my quality of life was until I was able to look back and compare how I was feeling- I couldn't believe how long I had to suffer for nothing?! Sharon spent time with me explaining what she was doing and I felt like (and still feel like) I was in such great hands and so cared after during her treatments. I still continue to see Sharon for other ailments that come up and she even made me an herbal emergency kit for those times that I come down with a cold!

Sue F., 34

As a fellow acupuncturist and herbalist who worked with Sharon for over two years I admire Sharon's expertise in Chinese medicine and her devotion to wellbeing of patients. She always inspired me to look deeper into patient’s cases and generously shared her extensive knowledge as we discussed treatment strategies. She sees patients as whole complex beings and treats that way. I was lucky to have many acupuncture sessions with Sharon. They were very effective in reducing various ailments such as headaches, colds, backache, digestive problems, and fatigue. And they always were painless and relaxing! Sharon's needling technique and bedside manners are exceptional! I feel confident every time I give Sharon's card to people seeking for a great acupuncturist in the area.

Angela Gabriel L.Ac.

I first met Sharon through a friend that was going to see her for acupuncture treatments. At first I was skeptical but I was experiencing so much pre-menstrual pain that I decided to give it a try. My western MD told me that I had endometriosis; he prescribed me pain killers and told me that I would need surgery. I started getting weekly acupuncture and taking the herbal medications that Sharon prescribed. My menses came the following month and I realized that I didn't have the pain like I normally do and even the achiness in my back was gone. I usually have very bad pre menstrual symptoms like tender breast and emotional mood swings but I noticed a huge difference within that first month. After the second month I had no pain what so ever, I couldn't believe that I didn't need to take off of work like I usually had to on the first day of my period. Needless to say I am still pain free and didn't have to have the laparoscopy surgery. I would recommend Sharon to anybody!

Joanne T.

Sharon Wyse has helped me in so many ways. I suffer from anxiety and in the height of it all I was willing to try anything to find relief. After listening to me patiently, Sharon explained to me what was happening to my body and how acupuncture will help. For the first time in a long time I had felt a sense of calmness because she cared and made so much sense. Sharon started treating me with acupuncture and herbs which I have found to be a great help in my recovery. I would recommend and do recommend Sharon to everyone I speak to!

S.M, 33

Sharon is one of the brightest people I know. She has a kind heart and a very special way about her that lets you know that you are important and cared for. Sharon is a skilled acupuncturist and herbalist who possess the rare ability to treat her patients with intelligence and kindness at the same time.

Stephanie Duggins L.Ac.

I had a slight discomfort in one of my testicles, and I went to a urologist for fear

of testicle cancer. After careful examination, the urologist found nothing wrong, and basically told me to 'live with it' and it 'might go away on its own'.

Well, it did not 'go away on its own'. Nor did it get worse. It just stayed continually uncomfortable. A cousin of mine had recommended acupuncture as a possible cure, and had highly recommended Sharon Wyse. I was skeptical, but was willing to give it a try.

I know this may sound crazy, but Sharon cured me in ONE VISIT. I am not joking! Even though I no longer had any discomfort in my testicle after just one treatment by Sharon, I continued to see her for several months just to keep my body in balance.

It is now almost 9 months later, and I still have no discomfort in my testicle, and feel terrific.

Thank you, Sharon!!


New Jersey

Being a Broadway actor, staying healthy is always on the forefront o my mind. Sharon has enabled me maintain incredible physical and mental health, as well as providing me with ways, through acupuncture and nutrition, to prevent all types of sickness. -HH, NYC

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