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Treatments at the clinic include a one hour acupuncture session (one hour and a half for your initial intake appointment) which also incorporates Chinese herbal prescriptions, Eastern dietary recommendations and tuina massage, cupping or guasha when applicable.

Please note I respect your time and if you have a 3pm session scheduled you WILL be seen at 3pm. I am not only a practitioner but a patient as well and in this day and age when patients have limited time between work/ family and other engagements I understand that time is precious- That is why I make sure not to overbook or keep patients waiting to be seen and treated. That being said, I will always have time to sit down and talk through your treatment plans and what to expect from your acupuncture treatment sessions.

Acupuncture / Chinese herbs / Eastern Nutrition /

Acupressure massage / Cupping / Guasha

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